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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

The Dirt on What Eureka Property Owners Should Be Doing with Windows

Eureka Rental Property with Beautiful Clean WindowsClean windows are a necessary part of a rental home’s curb appeal. You may be looking for a new tenant or already have a long-term lease secured, either way, cleaning the windows at least once every year plays a big part in keeping your renters happy and your rental home’s value high. Depending on the kind of windows you have and the terms of your lease, you may wonder who should be responsible for this task.

An expectation that Eureka property owners may have that is both fair and reasonable is for tenants to perform basic window cleaning, especially if they live in single story homes. This chore means they clean interior windows and perhaps the ground-level exterior windows as well. A problem arises when your tenants don’t fully grasp the meaning of “completely clean” and they cut corners instead. This would leave you more work in the long run.

You have to remember never to ask your renters to clean windows that need a stool or ladder to reach. According to the World Health Organization, more than 164,000 people go to the emergency room due to injuries involving ladder use at home each year, while falls from ladders cause an average of 300 deaths per year. The safety of your tenants must be prioritized. This means it’s a bad idea for them to do maintenance tasks where they have to climb ladders, and you should not allow them even if they ask.

The best practice would be to leave most exterior windows and windows above the main floor to professional window cleaners. This is even more significant if your rental homes have specialty windows that need to be cared for differently. Tinted windows, stained glass, or leaded windows should not be treated like regular ones. If you use the wrong cleaning solution on these windows, the damage could be irreversible. And it would be very expensive to have them replaced or repaired.

In a similar train of thought, using the wrong tools to clean windows can leave them streaked, spotted, or worse. Unless your tenant has the skill and experience of properly using a high-grade squeegee and unless they also happen to own one, you will most likely regret letting them do this task. Being able to properly clean window tracks and weep holes is also something that needs to be considered. If these areas aren’t cared for properly, it could cause harm to the window and the home as well.

When you’re having your windows cleaned, be sure to choose a quality service provider. But when you’re trying to get professional window cleaning in Eureka at a fair price, who do you look to? Sometimes you can find window cleaning services being advertised by people who don’t really have the needed skill and experience to do the job correctly.

You have no reason to worry. At Real Property Management Humboldt, we are connected with some of the most experienced professionals in the industry. We will see to it that the windows of your rental homes will be taken care of perfectly. With a trusted list of vendors, you can entrust window cleaning and other property maintenance matters to us. Feel free to call us at 707-444-3835 or contact us online today.

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