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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Are Your McKinleyville Tenants Damaging Your Garage Without Knowing It?

View of the Garage Door on a McKinleyville Rental PropertyA rental home’s garage affects the overall appeal of the home. However, some tenants who just want to preserve or improve that appeal could be damaging a rental home’s garage without realizing it. Damage does happen to garage interiors, garage doors, windows, and other elements, but it doesn’t mean that misuse or neglect caused it.

There are instances when a tenant would try to be helpful, but the problem is that they don’t really know how to properly clean or maintain a rental home’s garage. When that is the case, expensive and unnecessary repairs are often the result. By giving your McKinleyville tenants the right information, you can do a lot to prevent unintentional damage and keep your valuable investment in good condition.

A garage is an important part of a quality single-family rental home. The garage door adds to the home’s curb appeal, while the interior, windows, cabinets, and also the garage door opener can have a big impact on a tenant’s satisfaction. But each of these should be kept in good working order. That means they all have to be properly maintained. If one part is broken, the whole garage could become a liability instead of an asset.

The garage door, since it’s the most visible exterior element, needs to stay working properly and looking nice. It needs regular cleaning and maintenance. There are different ways a tenant could accidentally damage a garage door. They could use the wrong tools or cleaning products when cleaning it or they could forget to do basic maintenance tasks. For instance, the materials used for each garage door differs depending on the kind of door. Some are painted, while others are vinyl or metal. Let’s say a tenant attempts to power spray a painted door clean, that could cause extensive damage to the garage door. They may be well-intentioned, but using the wrong tools to clean a door may cause big problems. Harsh household cleaners can also damage a door’s exterior finish, causing far more harm than good.

Going past appearances, a garage door can only work properly if it has a functional opener, springs, hinges, and rollers These parts can rust, wear out, or break over time and through heavy use. In fact, if a garage door produces a lot of noise when it opens or closes, it may be a sign that the door’s hardware is in trouble and needs to be lubricated. This maintenance task is so simple yet it can greatly affect the useful life of a garage door.

The windows, floor, and cabinets in a garage are typically the parts that sustain unintentional damage. Some garages have stains from a leaking car engine. Oil stains on concrete floors are notoriously difficult to clean. Exhaust fumes, dirt, and other substances can get in windows and seriously compromise the tracks, locks, and glass. Cabinets may be crushed or broken by heavy storage items or even parking a vehicle too close. Comparable to the garage door, these difficulties can be kept in check by simply conducting regular cleaning and maintenance, the problem is that many tenants don’t know how to do it.

As an example, the way to clean up motor oil is wholly different from the way one cleans up other substances. The correct tools and cleaning materials should be used or there may be a possibility that trying to clean it may make things a lot worse instead. Harsh chemicals or scrub brushes can scratch or damage windows and window tracks as well as cabinets, but regular household cleaners may not be enough to get the grime off either. To prevent the continued wear and further damage, a tenant must have oversight and the right information with them so that the rental home’s garage is continually kept in good condition.

Keeping track of a tenant’s cleaning and maintenance record can be time-consuming and difficult for property owners. That is the reason why having a professional property management company is really an excellent decision.

At Real Property Management Humboldt, one of our goals is to help property owners equip their tenants on the proper care and upkeep of their rental homes in McKinleyville and conduct regular checks to ensure that such tasks are being done. The property management professionals in our team can shield your valuable investment from unintentional damage and prevent expensive and unnecessary repairs. Don’t hesitate to contact us online or give us a ring at 707-444-3835 to know more about what we can do for you.

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