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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Is Your Refrigerator Running? How to Extend of the Life of the Appliances in Your Arcata Rental Property

Arcata Rental Property Equipped with Electric Washer and DryerWhen it turns to property maintenance, major appliances should be addressed in your property management plans. Quality appliances in your Arcata rental properties are charming to tenants while presenting a significant future expense. When appliances are not properly maintained, they may fail faster and require replacement more frequently.

There are simple steps that landlords and tenants can both take to extend the life of the appliances inside the rental home. By taking these few simple precautions, well help to ensure that each appliance lives up to its full potential. Believe it or not, examining the appliance’s manual is the initial action to keep any appliance running. A good landlord will provide a copy of all appliance manuals and encourage their tenants to read them.

For individual appliances, basic maintenance can go far towards improving their longevity. For instance, refrigerators need their gaskets and coils cleaned on a regular basis. The gaskets are the plastic strip that forms the seal around the refrigerator door. To prevent gapping, clean the gaskets a few times a year. Cleaning the coils is also simple; remove the cover and vacuum or use a soft bristle brush. If your refrigerator has filters, it is a logical idea to create a schedule to change these for your renters and to ensure it is completed properly on a regular basis.

Dishwashers also desire attention every now and then and it’s simple to sanitize the gasket with soap and water, helping this appliance to stay watertight. Check the filter regularly and remove any debris. You should also make sure your dishwasher is level with the floor. An unbalanced dishwasher can make vibrations that will damage the appliance as well as your dishes. Together with the mechanical features, conducting a hot water cycle with vinegar or a dishwasher cleaner every few months will also increase your dishwasher’s lifespan.

When it comes to washers and dryers, proper use goes a long way in keeping them in excellent shape. Overloading the machines is the main culprit of bad performance and breakdowns. Loads that are too enormous for the appliance put stress on the motor, belts, and transmission, leading to rapid wear and tear. Encourage your tenants to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations about load size. In addition to that, dryer vents should be checked and cleaned regularly to stop buildup. When lint and debris get caught in the external vent, it can lead to motor or thermostat failure – in addition to creating a serious fire hazard. We recommend double checking the vents each time you replace the filters.

Even though maintenance tasks are simple enough, they can a lot of time and effort. Motivating renters to help is an important first step but making sure that they are actually done can be the real challenge. Why not save yourself both time and expensive repairs by turning to the specialists at Real Property Management Humboldt? We carry out regular property evaluations and maintenance services that include large appliance care, saving you money by increasing the life cycle of all major appliances in the home. Please contact us or call us at 707-444-3835 today for more information.

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