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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Filters, Batteries, and Water Heaters. Oh My!

Man Fixing a Water Heater in Cutten Rental PropertyComparing the different seasons of the year, you could tell that fall would really be the best time to perform regular maintenance on some of the hardest-working devices in your rental property. Take advantage of this time. When you do the important interior maintenance items during this season, you’re also getting your property ready so everything keeps running safely and smoothly all winter long. These tasks include having filters, batteries, and water heaters checked and cleaned or replaced regularly. You need to do this to ensure the safety of your tenants and to make sure that your rental property is in top condition.

Replacing your Cutten rental property’s air filters regularly is very important. These filters keep your property’s HVAC system clean and running efficiently. Because of this reason, it’s clear to see that changing the air filters in your rental home is an important part of seasonal maintenance. As the winter months draw near, less time is spent outdoors. Residents would stay indoors and furnaces would start to work harder to keep out the cold. Because of this, it is critical that your filters are kept clean. There are different types of HVAC systems, and some systems use different types of filters. Depending on what filter your system needs, you may need to change the filters as often as every 30 days, every three months, or even every six months. While you may want to let your tenants do this themselves— and some may be willing— there is a likely chance that they’re not going to change the filters often enough or just outright forget to do it. This neglect would cause strain on your HVAC system, reducing its life and the efficiency of the unit.

Fall would also be the ideal time to test and change the batteries in your rental property’s smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. You have to see to it that these devices are working well to make sure your tenants are kept safe. For example, if your smoke detectors aren’t functioning properly and one of your tenants gets hurt in a fire, you can be pretty certain that you’re getting sued. In other words, it’s critical that these devices are maintained properly.

There are multiple types of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Some of them have batteries that need to be changed every six to twelve months while others can last up to the full useful life of a smoke or carbon monoxide detector— which is ten years. However, in spite of the kinds of batteries your devices may have, you should still see to it that the batteries are being tested on a regular basis and replaced when needed. Hundreds of people are injured or killed in house fires every year. The number of these tragedies could have been greatly reduced if the smoke detectors in their homes were working properly. If you give this task to your tenant, what guarantee do you have that they would do it? What would happen instead, is that your property’s smoke detectors may get damaged— especially if they haven’t been taught how to do proper maintenance. This means you would have additional costs to replace the devices and increased liability.

Next, let’s talk about water heaters. They are one of the most frequently used devices in a rental home but are also one of the most overlooked devices when doing property maintenance tasks. It should not be forgotten. Making sure your rental property’s water heater is routinely cleaned is an important part of keeping it working well. Over time, sediment builds up in the tank of a water heater, making it less efficient and even leading to clogged water lines.

You can steer clear of these problems easily by simply flushing your water heater once every six months or so. The task may take longer than you’d like but it’s something you have to do to get the most out of your expensive water heater unit. This may also be something you’d want to delegate to your tenants. But cleaning the water heater, when done improperly, may cause more problems. And you can’t really guarantee good execution when you leave it up to your tenants.

Neglecting these maintenance items can have serious consequences and you may have to pay additional costs for expensive repairs later on. But making your tenant do the tasks of changing or cleaning the filters, batteries, and water heaters in your Cutten rental property is not the best option. While it may be the case that you could spend your time and energy to do the jobs yourself, the best choice would still be to employ a company like Real Property Management Humboldt to do all the property maintenance tasks for you. There is a full range of maintenance services that we offer that would keep your property in top shape and also ensure the safety of your tenants. With us working with you, you can spend your time growing your real estate investment business. Contact us today to learn more.

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