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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Cutten Tenants & Fireworks: Safety and Regulations

Cutten Couple Holding Sparklers TogetherOur memories often involve lighting sparklers and setting off colorful fireworks when we reminisce about the hot summer nights of our youth. A large chunk of summertime fun is fireworks, however, it comes as a dangerous risk for owners of single-family rental homes in Cutten. Even when taking all necessary precautions, and even if you’re just lighting small fireworks, things can easily go awry. Whenever you combine fire and explosives, there is a possibility of real danger. This would affect not only as a personal injury but property damage too.

As maintained by the National Fire Prevention Association, fireworks caused 11,000 injuries and 4 deaths in 2016. Besides personal injury, the NFPA discloses that fireworks start an average of 18,500 fires each year. 1,300 of those are structural fires and 300 are vehicle fires. It’s not difficult to visualize how that materializes: if you’ve never been forced to contend with a firework inadvertently whooshing beneath a parked car and suffered a split second of absolute dread, you’re one of the lucky ones. For the most part, the NFPA reckon that fireworks cause $43 million in property damage each year.

Seeing as you are a property owner, you need to be anxious about your Cutten tenants lighting fireworks on or near your rental homes. Although it’s easy to understand why they would want to, the figures alone are a reasonable cause to discuss things with your tenants about not utilizing fireworks at the rental property. One method to induce them to abide by your desires may be to offer them information on firework safety and the risks involved.

If you think that isn’t working, you need a property management company who understands the risks of fireworks and can help your tenants understand the danger involved. At Real Property Management Humboldt, we have the best interests of your tenants and your rental property in mind. We can tend to any problems or issues your tenants may have about firework use and manage any associated matters that may appear. When it comes to the state and safety of your real estate investment and your tenants, you want the kind of regard and expertness that we can give. Please contact us online or call us at 707-444-3835 for more information.

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