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Keys, Locks, and Keypads: Changing Access to Your Cutten Rental Property

Cutten Property Manager Changing Locks Between ResidentsAs an owner of a Cutten rental property, you know that your residents are usually worried about their personal safety. New residents might bring up questions about changing the locks once they move into a rental home to ensure that previous residents or other people with keys to the property can no longer access the residence. Local laws in certain areas don’t obligate a landlord to change the locks between residents, and so some property owners might deem it as an unnecessary expense.

If the resident asks, do you need to change or re-key the locks?

The simple answer is no, you are most likely not required to change the locks upon request. Nonetheless, you have to consider the possible consequences of not doing so.

As the property owner, you are to provide your Cutten residents with the means to secure the home. Once residents sign the lease, you supply them with keys, garage door openers, or passcodes so that the can access the property as well as secure the property. Residents have a habit of making numerous copies of their keys for family members or even neighbors, and they aren’t always careful about collecting and properly destroying these copies once they move out of a rental home.

If you don’t change or re-key the locks, and somebody is able to illicitly access to the residence, you could be sued and deemed responsible for damages. Particularly in instances of domestic abuse, divorce, or family disputes, or even if a past roommate is a concern, changing the locks between residents is an essential step in protecting yourself from legal liability.

Of course, the locks are only one part of a rental home’s system. Garage door openers, keypads, and other access devices might also be potential risks. Residents may give entry codes to babysitters, repairmen, or others who have to access the home when they aren’t present. Careful management of passcodes, remote controls, and so on needs to incorporated into your property management strategy, including changing codes or replacing remote controls when necessary to help ensure your residents’ safety.

At Real Property Management Humboldt, we want to guarantee that the only individuals who can access your rental properties are your residents. That is why we consider lock changes between residents an important part of our property management services. Our approach is intended to protect you and your properties using the best practices in the industry. To find out more, contact us online or give us a call at 707-444-3835 today.