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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

5 Tips for Maintaining Positive Tenant Relations

Arcata Landlord Explaining the Lease to an Elderly TenantAn Arcata rental home and the profitability of owning one depends so much on maintaining good tenant relations. Some of the most costly errors a landlord can do, failing to thoroughly screen their tenants before they move in and forcing a model tenant away due to poor communication or neglect are on the top of the list. Thank goodness there is plenty that property owners can do to detect and retain quality tenants in their rental houses. By using these five tips for good tenant relations, you can keep your tenants and bank accounts happy simultaneously.

1.    Thorough Screening

Spotting a quality tenant is the biggest and the most critical part of tenant relations. This is because quality tenants are customarily engrossed in helping property owners keep the home spotless and well preserved, while bad tenants will often disregard or even initiate troubles that give rise to expensive repairs. There is a huge distinction between constantly finding fault and a tenant reporting real maintenance and safety issues; an excellent tenant will be able to properly report. Examining a prospective tenant’s past rental history, credit, and other information can provide you with a mental image of how (and how often) they might be in contact with you, and not simply how they will tend to the property.

2.    Maintain the Property

Being passionate about property maintenance and repairs can result in good tenant relations. Quality tenants want to have one’s home in good repair. These tenants would be grateful for a landlord who will conduct regular maintenance without being requested. Furthermore, an ideal landlord acknowledges repair requests right away. In addition, a proactive property maintenance plan has an added extra of motivating tenants to do their part to be responsible for the property.

3.    Keep Accurate Records

Keeping a record of every request and interaction with your tenant is not merely a practical procedure to follow the condition of your rental property, it even helps with tenant relations. Lease documents, addendum, and other paperwork should be specific about both the tenant’s and landlord’s responsibilities and they must also abide by it. Proper documentation and storage of accurate payment records are vital during budgeting and financial reporting. All the same, it is essential to make a plan to document tenant requests, complaints, and other communications. Hence, you can give the tenant a chance to report issues when they want to and document your response. Such records will be an extremely useful resource should it result in a dispute.

4.    Be Responsive

Property owners in Arcata can do a lot to improve tenant retention by responding quickly to their tenants. Working hard at open lines of communication by repeatedly asking them how things are going and immediately responding to concerns is a helpful game plan for outstanding client relations. Should you find yourself unavailable, make certain your tenant has access to a substitute contact for repair requests and emergencies. Being responsive proves your consideration for the tenant’s rental experience, something that an awesome tenant will know and value.

5.    Respect Privacy

Tenants aspire to settle in a beautiful rental home and respecting their privacy will support this endeavor. Since most people don’t like intrusions or invasive visits, that’s why scheduling maintenance and repairs need to happen sooner rather than later and around your tenant’s list of appointments. Keeping these visits as quick as viable, is of great import when forming and maintaining positive relations. On top of that, it is necessary to protect tenant privacy by not chatting about their personal details with neighbors. A tenant who makes out that they can trust you to respect their privacy will be far more disposed to work together with you to maintain positive relations throughout their tenancy.

In Conclusion 

In the end, keeping tenant relations in good condition is a beneficial bit of owning rental properties in Arcata. Just the same, you’ll spend a lot of time and effort to do that. Why not hire the skilled professionals at Real Property Management Humboldt to do it for you? We screen tenants, perform comprehensive property maintenance, and manage tenant relations using the greatest policies of the profession. Contact us or call us at 707-444-3835 today for more information.

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